Thursday, March 26, 2009

What a life!

sorry again..Its been too long since my last post. Beside being too lazy to write, I also have many other things to focus than this humble blog! hehe.. (org lain sudah ke bulan dgn new layout.. rumahku jua yg tak bertukar2 wajah!!!)
Alhamdulillah , I am coping well with moderate appetite, facing less MS and becoming more active than the previous pregnancy; hoping that everything to be fine especially with work (next week , I will be involved with drama , ouch!!) and studies (less that a month before the final exam, argh!!!).

I have a lot to write , but too tired after working on the assignment that dues tomorrow..(tapi terlalu teringin nak update ) So, let me just put up some pictures to describe how I spent my day today.

I had such a very long working hour today - students registration, class and drama audition. Then I fetched Iman at her nursery. Since I had to get things done for my assignment , I had to meet my group members at UM, and Iman had to be dragged along since her abah had rugby practice today.

we got stuck in the traffic jam.. at this time Iwas hoping that both of us had wings to fly to UM in just few minutes. ..

the traffic was as usual...teribble!!

so Iman slept all the way...

we reached UM at 7.!!oo..gosh!!

This girl was busy clicking here and there, running and falling, jumping and screaming..arghh....camna nak buat kerja ni !!

she was excited and wanted me to pose beside the model.We left UM at about 10.

dek kerana kebuluran, I stopped at the KFC near UM and bought some food! Iman enjoyed her mashed potato and nuggets.

and I had my burger ...All licin!!

she slept with a full stomach ! sian anak mama..kena usung sampai lewat malam!

and we finally arrived at our home sweet home kepenatan !!

and now, im still mata dah tak larat nak buka!!

note to Intan : thanks for the best mom award!I'll complete the tasks later, insyaAllah. yg lama pun tak buat2!!! Ya amppppppppuuuuuuuuunnn!!!