Monday, January 5, 2009

alahai...macamana nak kurus part 2

im having having an intention to at least reduce weight by few kilos before my next birthday. I am now not obese but "lebih muatan" and because of that i am becoming more conscious on the food I take ( doesnt mean i do not consume those high calorie food... :( ) I always count the calories in food intake daily.. but only for the sake of giving great reminders to myself..huhu...

hence, with the help of some websites such as this and this let's see how much calories in food i took today!


since i was the first day of work after a long holiday, i decided to have my breakfast at the canteen with colleagues. there were only few choices of food.. very few.. which were.. kuih muih..(which definitely tak masuk untuk tekakku waktu pepagi camni), nasi lemak and laksa johor alike..(the canteen worker calls it laksa selangor ...hmm??) after a while i chose to have that laksa since it looked so yummy .

And of course i took it with iced nescafe..ouch!!! (kononnya nak get alert sbb dah lama otak tak bekerja "berat" macam ni)

so for that breakfast the calories counted were :

Curry laksa - 1 bowl - 589 cal

1 mug of Nescafe - 98 cal

Total : 687cal (sudah!!)


sebab rasa bersalah makan laksa pepagi tu so, i only took half cup of rice with an ikan kembong masak asam pedas. I also ordered lemon juice with no ice.

the calculation was :

Rice - 1/2 cup - 100 cal

Ikan kembong - 85 cal

Lemon juice - 54 cal

Total : 239 cal


when i got home at about 4.. while i was in front of the pc..mulut sebok juga mengunyah kerepek pisang. adala dalam 80gm kot..and a cup of milk.

kerepek - 5o cal

susu - i cup - 50 cal

Total : 100 cal


I cook dinner as usual but for the other two persons in the housela.. bila teringin nak berdiet nasik cuma masak i small cup beras..tu pun tak habis..I took bread with one small piece of jenahak masak asam..and plain water

hasil darabannya :

roti - 78 cal

fish n the gravy - 140 cal

Total : 218 cal

So lets do some maths here

Breakfast : 687 cal

Lunch : 239 cal

Snack : 100 cal

Dinner : 218 cal

Total : 1235 (not bad!!)

Women should not consume less then 1200 mencapai targetla yesterday!!

plus with some workouts at nite..sehinggakan tertido keletihan lepas tu..LOL


qahina said...

hey - workout apa tu malam malam? he he
well, good luck with your perseverence - go Iza go! Yu can doo it!!

Sally said...

hheheh.. Iza..semangat betul nak kuruskan badan ya..keep it up..

YaNti ArShad said...


jgn kurus sangat. org dah kawin kalau kurus sangat, nanti org ingat makan hati. so kurus tu 'sedang-sedang' aja ya, buk.

YaNti ArShad said...

you've been tagged. do visit my blog.

KC lah who else said...

fuh, yr dedication mengalahkan oprah winfrey lagi youuuu! tabik!

YaNti ArShad said...

hai, Iza.

lama menyepi. what's up? BTW, do visit my blog & add urself as my friend.


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